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Coaching Programmes are 1:1 and Groups (please contact us for specific pricing) 

Working together, we use a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential by using a holistic and visionary approach.​ 


Providing support, we coach through stumbling blocks and repetitive behaviours that might negatively affect a person. Together we work on solutions by getting to the root of the roadblock hindering their growth and happiness. This style encourages and empowers a person by giving them clear direction and strategies for achieving objectives. We draw on feedback, reflection, conversation and use techniques to inspire and influence a person to reach their full potential.​ 


Areas covered could include:​ 

• Clarify the results you want to achieve 

• Bring about deeper awareness of self 

• Awareness of the conscious and unconscious mind 

• Focused goals and accountability 

• Discover your values 

• Realign your beliefs and your why 

• Identify what empowers and dis-empowers you 

• Break through hidden blocks and triggers 

• Resolve inner conflicts and limiting beliefs 

• Release tension, stress, anger, sadness and grief 

• Learn healthy boundaries 

• Inner child work 

• Shadow work 

• Find solutions to challenges 

• Deep healing and transformation 

• Energetic awareness 

• Cultivate mindfulness 


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of excellent communication between an individual and others. NLP relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behaviour learned through experience to specific outcomes. Neuro is how we process our experiences using our five senses. Linguistic refers to language and other non-verbal ways of communication and programming is the way we respond to things and situations. ​ 

NLP can be used to treat fears and phobias, anxiety, poor self-esteem, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overall reduced quality of life due to various psychological issues. 


Time Line Therapy 

With the client being in a relaxed state of mind, the therapist guides them to those events where their negative emotions were created and releases them from such feelings permanently. The client remains fully conscious throughout the session.  

​Timeline Therapy utilises a person’s own internal “Time Line” to work with their unconscious minds and helps to release negative emotions attached to past events such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt. It also eliminates self-limiting beliefs that hinder a person from pursuing the life that they want. 

​Time Line therapy does not delete events from a person's memory, only the negative emotions attached to it.

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