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Rita started researching and showing interest in health 18 years ago, whilst working full time as a Management Accountant in the post-production film industry. She first studied Healing Nutrition in the United Kingdom and whilst following in her eldest sister’s footsteps, went on to study Reflexology. At the time, you had to have finished a course in bodywork before commencing Reflexology. Until such time, Rita hadn’t even had a massage in her life, let alone considered completing a course in bodywork! It was from here on in that Rita developed her love and passion for bodywork. 


In 2005 Rita moved to Australia and upgraded her qualifications from Holistic Massage (internationally recognised) to complete her Remedial Massage Diploma at Central Tafe. Over the last 12 years Rita has been committed to her own self-initiated, as well as professional, self-development. Her love of learning and self-directed education helped her overcome her own emotional and mental obstacles which were hindering her in her own life story. It was through Rita’s own healing that she found her desire and purpose in wanting to help others achieve the same. 

Rita’s passion lies in helping people to help themselves by taking responsibility for their own health and well-being, by showing them the connection between the mind, body and spirit. 

My Dedication

Something you may not know about me is that 32 years ago, aged 19, being the youngest of a family of 9, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery – of what was mentally “wrong” with me. I grew up believing that there was something mentally askew as I kept on pointing out to family members, the huge elephant in the room that was taking place behind closed doors. I was told that I was making up stories, a drama queen, being a troublemaker and needed my head read. I suffered severe depression and anxiety. I went to my GP and explained that I must be imagining what I am experiencing and witnessing, and since no one else in my family would validate this, there must be something mentally wrong with me. I started the journey of regular visits to professionals and started mental health medication. 

12 years ago I made a decision and took action to grab life by the horns and embrace life’s challenges head on. I started studying everything I could regarding personal and spiritual development. I created both physical and emotional self-imposed challenges. ‘Push through the pain of fear or don’t complain’ became my mantra. It became my newfound game. 

7 years ago I learnt the art of surrendering. I stopped all the distraction in my life and discovered that feeling the feelings is very different to talking about feelings. 

During this time, I discovered there is a universal concept in the world where people compare themselves to the illusion of perfection and suffer immense internal shame and internal pain. People suffer greatly from the secrets that occur behind closed doors and all the pretend illusion of the “perfect” family. I discovered that things may not always be as they seem. 

For this very reason, I decided to dedicate my life to helping people discover the freedom that is found within. My passion lies in truly helping people to help themselves. To take responsibility for their own mental, emotional and physical health. To reach the best possible potential that they can.  My aim is to empower clients with the tools of understanding family patterns, self-empowerment and awareness to set themselves free. To learn true self-respect, self-acceptance and self-love create a wonderful fulfilling and happier life. 

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